If you live in a bungalow or other building of restricted height and are looking for a conservatory, then you will need to take these restrictions into consideration if you don’t want to make an expensive mistake. A conservatory is a major investment that will add lasting value to your home so it makes sense to get it right first time.

The Edwardian back hip conservatory is a variation on the traditional Edwardian conservatory that is designed especially for buildings of restricted height. If your building is of lower height because of its age and it is listed, then you will need to get planning permission for a conservatory. While most councils do not require that you have permission for a conservatory, it is a different matter when a listed building is concerned or if you happen to live in a conservation area.

The Edwardian style of conservatory is best suited to a medium or large size garden. Edwardian conservatories have a pointed roof and if you want to add one to your bungalow then the company should supply you with a back hip roof and box gutter. The Edwardian back hip conservatory is usually rectangular or square in shape and has a number of different build types of styles. You can have your conservatory with a dwarf or short wall and glass, raised panels and glass or all glass. When you choose an all glass style build you will need to decide whether you want the door positioned in the centre or to the right or left.

Most conservatories have venting systems in their roofs and you need to decide whether you want this to be manual or electric. Hip roofed conservatories may require some extra ventilation as they can over heat in the summer months. You should be able to chose the door style you want, either a single door, French doors or patio doors. UPVC conservatories are the most popular and cost effective conservatories and nowadays you can have your conservatory in three different colours, plain white, mahogany or classic oak.

Wooden flooring is more in keeping with an Edwardian style conservatory and is less likely to rot or warp compared to other types of flooring. Good companies will always be able to assure you that they use only ethically sourced timber in their flooring and may often have the seal of the forestry commission. If you are worried about security when you have your conservatory built, then it is a good idea to choose a company with the ACPO’s Secured by Design seal.

Secured by Design is a crime prevention project run by the Association of Chief Police Officers and is concerned with the secure design of home improvement products such as windows, doors and conservatories. Choose a conservatory with the Secured by Design seal and your home will be more secure and less accessible to house breakers, and the windows and doors on your Edwardian back hip conservatory will have a longer life.