UPVC conservatories, buildings made from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride are a cost effective way of adding extra value to your home. A conservatory is quite a sizable investment and so is worthy of considerable forethought and planning. It is always a good idea to be armed with basic information, including the area of space that you have available and whether your area has any planning restrictions. You should also undertake some research on what you can expect for your money and the different options available before you approach a particular company.

Whether or not you live in a period house, the Edwardian gable front conservatory is a very popular choice among conservatory buyers and can even be supplied with a back hip roof and box gutter if you live in a bungalow or other building of restricted height. One of the reasons that the Edwardian gable front design is so popular is because its high roof gives maximum head height and its shape gives more, and better use of floor space. The gable front is both stylish and spacious, which makes it the ideal choice for people with a medium or large size garden.

Most conservatories, including the Edwardian gable front conservatory can be modified to suit personal requirements. Choices of build style, doors and flooring make it much easier for you to have your conservatory designed with a particular room size in mind. You can choose ceiling to floor glazing but if you prefer some brickwork then you can have a dwarf wall with contrasting brickwork or brickwork closer to that of your property. The third build option is raised panels and glazing. You have a choice of colour finishes for your gable front conservatory from plain and practical white to classic oak and mahogany.

Like most other glass structures, conservatories can become overheated in the summer and to avoid any build-up of vapours you will need a roof vent and have the option of an electric or manual vent. There are various door styles that you can choose from, French doors look great with an Edwardian gable front, or you may prefer patio doors or even a single door. If you decide on a fully glazed build type you also have the option of where to place the door, to the right, to the left, or in the centre of the structure.

You should give consideration as to what type of flooring you would like in your conservatory. Some companies offer tiled or laminated flooring while others also offer real wood floors. The type of flooring you decide on will depend largely on how you intend to use the room. If you want a family room where you can sit in comfort and enjoy a drink after work then there is a lot to be said for solid wood flooring. There is nothing quite like real wood scattered with rugs to give a feeling of warmth and comfort. Make sure that the flooring is made from ethically sourced timber, which will not rot or warp and will last for years.