There are many different types of conservatory to choose from and the lean to or traditional conservatory is very popular. The lean to conservatory is so called because the ridge of the building hugs into the outer wall of the house rather than extending from the property as with other styles. If you have limited space or you want to fill in a space between two protruding ends of a building, then a lean to conservatory is the ideal choice.

People often get bogged down in the style and colour of a conservatory even before they have thought about what kind of conservatory they actually have room for. The first thing you need to think about is what style of conservatory will fit into the space you have available. It’s no good discussing elements of an orangery if you only have room for a lean to conservatory.

Before you approach any suppliers you should have some understanding of what you want to use the conservatory for, you also need to consider where windows are sited and the pitch of your roof before you make any further choices. If you have limited space then a lean to or traditional conservatory is the best way to go. There are different build types for a lean to conservatory and many people choose a dwarf wall conservatory where there is a short wall and the rest is glass.

When you choose a lean to conservatory with a dwarf wall you can also have either manual or electric roof ventilation. A lean to conservatory may have a single door, French doors, or patio doors depending on your preference. You can have your conservatory in a choice of colours, classic oak, mahogany or white. UPVC conservatories are a popular choice because the material is hardwearing. If you live in a conservation area however you may not be able to have UPVC in which case a hardwood conservatory will be the best choice.

You will need to think about flooring in your conservatory and hardwood flooring that is ethically sourced is the best you can have. Wood flooring is much more durable than cheap laminates, requires little care and will last you for years. Whether you have a wooden traditionally styled conservatory or one made from UPVC, hardwood flooring installed by experts is still the best choice.

Choose a company that will offer you the secured by design seal, which is a crime prevention project run by the Association of Chief Police Officers. The scheme focuses on window and doors security. Conservatories with windows and doors that have the secured by design seal have products that are certified as of the standard required by the ACPO. Not only does such a design ensure the security of a building, it also increases the lifespan of the products and reduces any unnecessary maintenance work that might result from attempted break-ins. Choose windows that are fitted with a TriSeal Super Spacer bar, which uses flexible foam technology to provide and better and more lasting energy efficient solution.