For those people who enjoy keeping up with the neighbours, a conservatory is a must have. Whether you need extra room for entertaining or you work from home and need extra space for an office, the conservatory is the ideal answer to your problems. Modern conservatories can be used as dining rooms, offices, garden rooms and even spare bedrooms. Conservatories come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes depending on your needs and the space you have available. You should make sure that you have sufficient space and don’t need planning permission before you set about purchasing a conservatory as it is a major expense, but will eventually add value to your property.

If you live in a bungalow and have plenty of outdoor space in your garden then the Pshaped Victorian hip conservatory is an ideal choice. The P shape of the building gives you much more living space that can be used as one room or two separate rooms while the hipped roof and box gutter make it much more appropriate for a low rise or limited height building.

The P shape may have a three or five faceted bay front, depending on your preferences. You can choose to have a brick dwarf wall with glazing, raised panels and glazing, or all glazed. If you choose to have a raised panel and glazed conservatory then you have a choice of roof finishing, poly carbonate, glass and self cleaning glass. Modern UPVC conservatories do not have to be plain white; you can choose either mahogany or classic oak as alternatives to the ubiquitous white.

Conservatories need air, which means you will need to have vents in the roof and it is up to you whether these are manually or electrically operated. It is a good idea to be sure what your choices are and what you actually want before you start working your way around conservatory companies. While French doors are often a popular choice, especially for larger conservatories you can choose to have either patio doors or a single door. You will need to think about the type of flooring that you have in your conservatory there is an increasing move away from laminates to solid wood flooring. Ethically sourced timbers from sustainable forests can provide you with a conservatory floor that is rot and warp resistant and will last you for years.

The amount of glazing, particularly in a P shaped Victorian hip conservatory means that you really should invest in conservatory blinds to either the roof or the panels. Conservatory blinds convert the harsh glare of the sun into a much softer light and prevent the conservatory from becoming overheated on a hot summer’s day. There is a wide choice of conservatory blinds and modern Solar R is just one. Conservatory blinds reduce the harm that the sun’s UV rays can do, particularly when it comes to fading your carefully chosen conservatory furniture.