Whether you want to enjoy your garden all the year round, or you are looking for more living space without the problems associated with moving house, a conservatory is an ideal way of achieving it. An increasing number of people now have conservatories attached to their homes and if you ever decide to put your property on the market, it is likely to sell much quicker with a conservatory than without one. You need to consider how much space you have available, how much money you want to spend, and what type of conservatory you are looking for. Some conservatory styles are better suited to small gardens while others are intended for properties with more space available.

If you have plenty of outdoor space and you are looking for a larger conservatory then the P shaped Victorian conservatory may be the ideal choice for your needs. The P shaped conservatory actually combines two styles to make one conservatory. The traditional Victorian style building is makes it easier to get the P shape, you can choose to have this conservatory with a three facet bay window or a five facet one. The larger size of the P shaped conservatory is large enough for one big living space or it can be separated into two rooms.

There are three build styles for the P shaped Victorian conservatory, glazed with brickwork dwarf walls, glazed with raised panels or fully glazed. If you are having a UPVC conservatory, providing you don’t live in a conservation area where you would need wood, you have a choice of colour finishes, white, classic oak or mahogany. You can also choose a manual or electric powered roof venting system. It is usual to have French or patio doors with this type of conservatory but you can have a single door if that is what you prefer.

There is a choice of floorings and conservatory blinds available for your P shaped Victorian conservatory. Flooring can be hard wearing terracotta tiles or solid wood flooring, both of which will not warp or rot. Many people prefer solid wood flooring because it adds more warmth to a building. Conservatory blinds are specially designed to reduce the glare of the sun and to make the conservatory a cooler place on hot summer days.

Crime is on the increase in many areas and for this reason the Association of Chief Police Officers launched a crime prevention project known as Secured by Design. The purpose behind the project is to increase the security of windows and doors and make them less susceptible to house breakers. Companies that have the ACPO Secured by Design seal use what is known as the Veka profile in their installations, which makes them more secure and increases the life of the installation. Secured by Design provides the home owner with added safety while at the same time increasing a building’s lifespan and reducing maintenance costs that arise from criminal damage.