Many people want conservatories because they know that it will add value to their property. If you are considering a conservatory but have limited outdoor space then a lean to or traditional conservatory may be the answer to your problem. Lean to or traditional conservatories come in different styles, the ordinary lean to is one, the raked lean to is another. A raked lean to is one with glazed, raked side frames that let in more light. When you choose this type of traditional conservatories, you also have a choice of three build types, a dwarf wall, full height glass and glass with raised panels. Which build type you choose is purely a matter of choice. If you go for full height glass you will have even more light in a raked traditional conservatory.

There is now much greater choice when it comes to UPVC conservatories and you no longer need to have the traditional colour of white, as you can also choose either a mahogany or classic oak finish. UPVC conservatories come with a ten year guarantee and are less susceptible to warp and rust than traditional wood, although you wouldn’t be able to have UPVC if you live in a conservation area – so that is the first thing to check out before you start making any other choices regarding your conservatory.

The type of flooring that you have in your conservatory deserves careful consideration. Hardwood flooring may seem expensive but it is cheaper in the long run, being more hardwearing, better looking, and needing less maintenance than laminated flooring. You should always buy your flooring from a company that uses responsibly sourced timber from sustainable supplies. There are three main types of conservatory doors that you can choose from and these are French doors, patio doors or a single door.

If you are concerned about warmth in your conservatory and conserving energy then pick windows that have a TriSeal Super Spacer Bar, which is a system using flexible foam technology which provides a longer lasting energy efficient solution for your windows. Windows have considerable impact on the energy efficiency of a building as a whole and the Triseal system ensures a longer life and the maintenance of your window’s insulating performance. The Triseal system is one of a number of systems that are being used to bring about an increase in efficiency of energy saving window design.

Nowadays people are worried about the security of their windows and doors, especially if they live in an area that is experiencing a high number of house break-ins. The Association of Chief Police Officers crime prevention project secured by design, awards their seal to those companies who use a design that ensures the security of a building and increases the life of the product. You should always choose a company that has the secured by design seal on its windows and doors as this will increase your security as the standard has to be one that is required by the ACPO/