If you want to add value to your home then a conservatory is a sure fire winner providing you take care in assessing your available space and budget and getting something that is suitable for your property. If you live in a bungalow then you may have felt that it would be difficult to get the type of conservatory you want that will fit with a restricted height building. Conservatory companies have the answer to buildings of a restricted height and they can provide you with a back hip roof fitting and box gutter to compensate for the problem.

For those people who have a medium or large size garden the Victorian back hip conservatory is an ideal choice, this is a traditional Victorian style with a roof adjustment to allow for the reduced height of your home. Nowadays most conservatories are UPVC but if you live in a conservation area the planners may not allow a UPVC construction and you need to have a wooden conservatory. Although a hardwood conservatory may be a bit more expensive than the more usual UPVC, it will add considerably to the value of your property – which may make it easier if you decide to move any time in the future.

Nowadays most people have a conservatory because they want an extra room either to enjoy their garden all the year round or because they need a kid’s play space or a dining room – unlike the Victorians who generally used their structures for the cultivation of tropical fruits and plants they had brought back from abroad. The solid wood Victorian style conservatory will usually have a dwarf wall around the bottom. You can choose either mahogany or oak solid wood that is ethically produced from sustainable sources.

Because a Victorian back hip conservatory lets in so much light through its roof and multi-faceted front, that it is advisable to have conservatory blinds fitted for those days when you want the room to be a bit cooler. Opening windows allow for better ventilation along with a vent in the roof of the structure. You can choose single, French or patio doors for your conservatory and if you want something that is exceptionally energy efficient then you may want to consider the TriSeal window system which can increase energy efficiency by up to 15%.

If you choose an oak hardwood conservatory you can have the natural colour of the wood or you can have it stained darker if that fits better with your property. Solid wood flooring is the best choice for your conservatory as it is less likely to warp or rot than some other flooring materials. The beauty of a hardwood floor is that it has a warmer feel than either tiles or laminate and generally requires little maintenance. If you are not keen on solid wood floors then you have the option of terra cotta tiled flooring, which is easy to keep clean and fits in well, especially with a white painted or mahogany wood conservatory.,