For those people with more outdoor space a Victorian five sided conservatory is a wonderful addition to any home. The idea of the Victorian conservatory was developed from the original orangeries of the late seventeenth and early nineteenth centuries, which were used to cultivate tropical plants and seeds. The Victorian conservatory is distinguished by its multi-faceted look, which allows plenty of light inside.

There are several build options for the Victorian five sided conservatory, from floor to ceiling glazing to raised panels and glass to brickwork in the form of a dwarf wall beneath the glazing. You will need to decide whether you want electrically or manually operated roof vents and also what type of door your want on the building. You can choose between a single door, patio doors or French doors. With the dwarf wall or fully glazed build type you can choose whether you have doors centrally situated or placed to the right or to the left.

If you intend spending a lot of time in your conservatory then you may find tiling a bit hard on the feet. An increasing number of conservatory owners are opting for solid wood floors because they give a greater sense of warmth and comfort, essential if you intend to spend a lot of time in your conservatory. Solid wood floors are hardwearing and will not warp or rot, so your floor should last for years.

On a hot summer’s day you may want to cool down the atmosphere in your Victorian five sided conservatory and specially made conservatory blinds are ideal for this purpose. There are different types of conservatory blinds and no Victorian conservatory is complete without blinds to either the roof or the panels. Conservatory blinds lessen the sun’s glare to a more mellow light and help to control the amount of heat that enters the conservatory. An added benefit of conservatory blinds is that they help to filter the sun’s harmful UV rays which ordinarily would fade your furnishings.

Traditional conservatory blinds have a wood weave, which combines shading and lightweight strength with attractive good looks. Pleated conservatory blinds are neat and modern and make an ideal choice for different styles and sizes of conservatory. If you want even more protection from the sun than the other types of conservatory blinds supply then you may want to consider Solar R conservatory blinds. Solar R is judged to be the highest performing conservatory blind material available as it reflects 85% of the sun’s energy. These conservatory blinds get rid of the glare, are easy to wipe clean and are light weight. If you are into gadgets and want something bang up to the minute then you may want to consider power pleat remote control conservatory blinds. The power pleat blinds allow you to open and close them against the sun with just a touch of a button. Power pleat blinds have their own small motor and you can choose exactly where you want them placed, they are convenient and easy to use.